Why The Car Shipping Company?  Straightforward answers to three simple questions...

1. Why ship a car?  Some of the reasons our customers have cited in deciding to ship their     automobiles…
  • lack of free time
    Most people’s busy schedules do not allow them to leave their jobs, their homes, and their families for days to drive or trailer an automobile to another location.
  • excessive driving distance
    Our customers regularly choose to leave to a professional driver the grueling task of driving hundreds or even thousands of miles.
  • desire to avoid wear and tear on the automobile
    Nothing decreases the value of a car and brings about expensive repairs more quickly than adding hundreds or even thousands of miles to the car’s odometer.
  • road expenses
    Even with a fuel efficient automobile, expensive fuel, hotel stays, and toll roads, bridges, and tunnels often make shipping a car a far more practical and less expensive choice than driving a car to its destination.
  • dislike of interstate driving
    Long hours down unfamiliar roads, unreliable cellular telephone service, and poor radio reception are all part of interstate driving – and a leading reason many of our customers choose to leave the interstate driving to someone else.
  • mechanically challenged automobile
    Some cars simply are not reliable and roadworthy enough to tackle interstate driving.  The last place anyone wants to be is stranded on the interstate, thousands of miles from home with a car that needs a major repair.
  • the car was an Internet purchase, the car is being transferred to a family member, etc.
    Sometimes only the car is moving – to someone who purchased it over the Internet, to a family member, a child in college, etc.
  • physical limitations of the would-be driver
  • poor weather
    From the sweltering desert heat to the ice and snow of the mountains, driving long hours through inclement weather is best left to professionals.
CONCLUSION: ship a car  or move it yourself 

2. Why use a shipping company instead of a trucking company?
  • A shipping company generally has access to far more professional drivers – and more trucks – than does an individual automobile transport company.  This allows your car to be picked up on time and moved quickly from pickup to destination.  (More professional drivers + more trucks = faster, more reliable service.)
  • Many trucking companies operate only over certain routes or in specific regions of the country.  A shipping company, on the other hand, often operates nationwide and can easily locate a motor carrier who can readily accommodate your specific needs.
  • Many trucking companies will assign a customer’s move to another motor carrier – a violation of federal law if the trucking company is not properly licensed.
  • Trucking companies are notorious for providing ambiguous answers to customers’ questions.
  • Trucking companies are burdened with rising fuel prices and unforeseen repair bills – and regularly increase a customer’s quoted price in order to offset these expenses.  A shipping company does not contend with such expenses and, therefore, can keep prices quite affordable.
CONCLUSION: shipping company  or trucking company

3. Why allow The Car Shipping Company to coordinate your move?  Customers have chosen The Car Shipping Company to handle the shipping of their automobiles because of what we DO – and because of what we DO NOT do.

The Car Shipping Company DOES
  • have considerable experience both transporting and shipping cars throughout the United States.
  • have a license issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, authority that allows The Car Shipping Company to arrange your automobile transport from and to anywhere in the United States and its territories.
  • have a No Excuses policy: your car WILL be picked up on one of three consecutive days of your choice.  We can almost always assign your move to a professional automobile transporter within 36 hours of your contacting our company.  Your automobile will then be picked up during the three-day window of your choice.
  • maintain an extensive network of meticulously screened, fully insured, experienced, professional automobile transporters contracted to pick up your automobile and quickly move it to its destination.  Having only the best qualified, best equipped, professional automobile transporters handle your automobile transport allows you to ship your car with confidence and without hassles or worries.
  • have strong relationships with its contracted motor carriers, leading these automobile transporters to move our customers’ cars ahead of those of our competitors.  These overwhelmingly positive, professional relationships and The Car Shipping Company’s on-time service save you money in rental car fees and eliminate the headache other customers regularly experience by shipping their cars with other companies.
  • use team drivers. Many of our contracted motor carriers have two drivers in a truck – so your car is delivered to its destination twice as quickly as with most other companies.
  • provide you outstanding telephone, fax, and email communication services.  Our professionally trained staff is available most hours of the day, evening, and night, even on the weekends.
  • have a spotless record with the Better Business Bureau – not a single consumer complaint.
  • deliver outstanding service to our customers – always.  At The Car Shipping Company, our goal is simple: to exceed your expectations.
The Car Shipping Company DOES NOT
  • charge a nonrefundable deposit – ever.  We do not require payment until after we have found a professional carrier to move your car.  Our business is to coordinate your move, and we do not expect payment until we have performed our service.
  • simply take your money, post your move to an Internet load board, cross our fingers, and hope someone with a truck contacts us to move your car.  We would never expect our customers to tolerate such unsatisfactory service.  Instead, The Car Shipping Company proactively scours its network of 1,500 professional automobile transporters, contacting as many as necessary until your move has been assigned to a professional.  Only once your move has been assigned to a motor carrier have we earned our fee.
  • direct your telephone call to a different person in any number of departments when you call our office.  When you schedule your move with The Car Shipping Company, from shipping quote to delivery of your car your move is assigned to and handled by only one member of our staff.  Personal service.  Guaranteed.
  • use terminals.  Your car will NOT be picked up by a tow truck only to be stored in a local terminal for days or even weeks before it is assigned to a transporter.  Your car will be picked up at your door by the professional automobile transporter who will be transporting your car to its destination.
  • ask you for more money after you have scheduled your move – ever.  There are no hidden costs, no unexpected fees.  Since most of our quotes are given to customers only after one of our contract motor carriers has agreed – in writing, with our office – to do the move at a set price, there are never any unexpected expenses with a Car Shipping Company move.  The price one of our professional staff quotes you – also in writing – is the price you pay.  (Lowball quotes followed by poor service and upsells are a tactic often used by our competitors.  Beware!)

    At The Car Shipping Company, there are no surprises – just outstanding service.  Always.
  • make unrealistic promises.  Over-the-road automobile carriers generally carry up to 10 automobiles, many of which are picked up in and delivered to separate locations throughout the United States.  While many moves regularly take as few as two or three days to complete, The Car Shipping Company’s goal is to deliver your automobile to its destination within 6 to 8 days of pickup.
          allow The Car Shipping Company to coordinate your move 
                         take a high-risk gamble with another company
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