• shipping company or trucking company?
    • A shipping company generally has access to far more professional drivers and more trucks – than does a trucking company.  This allows your car to be picked up on time and moved quickly to its destination.  (More professional drivers + more trucks = faster, more reliable service.)
    • Many trucking companies operate only over certain routes or in specific regions of the country.  A shipping company, on the other hand, often operates nationwide and can easily locate a motor carrier who can readily accommodate your specific needs.
    • Many trucking companies will assign a customer’s move to another motor carrier – a violation of federal law if the trucking company is not properly licensed.
    • Trucking companies are notorious for providing ambiguous answers to customers’ questions.
    • Trucking companies are burdened with rising fuel prices and unforeseen repair bills – and regularly increase a customer’s quoted price in order to offset these expenses.  A shipping company does not contend with such expenses and, therefore, can keep prices quite affordable.
    CONCLUSION: shipping company or trucking company
  • terminal or door-to-door service?
    Many of our competitors arrange for a terminal to store a customer’s car until an automobile transporter willing to move the automobile can be located.  Often the delay in assigning the car to a transporter is measured not in days but in weeks.

    Instead of using terminals, The Car Shipping Company arranges to have your car picked up at your residence or business – at the address of your choice – during three consecutive days that you alone specify.  Door-to-door service not only saves your car from being parked in a terminal but also gives you the use of your car right up until your car is picked up by the professional automobile transporter who will then quickly transport your car to its destination.
    CONCLUSION: door-to-door service  or terminal 
  • car carrier: open or enclosed?
    Enclosed car carriers deliver an automobile to its destination in the same condition it was in when the car was picked up, right down to the dust on the windshield.  Enclosed car carriers provide protection from the elements.  Exotic cars, classic cars, and one-of-a-kind automobiles are routinely shipped in enclosed car carriers.  Transport via an open car carrier – the same carriers used to deliver most new automobiles to car dealerships – is certainly adequate for most daily driven automobiles.

  • How does the automobile transport process work?
    The Car Shipping Company will walk you through the three simple steps of transporting your car.  All you need to do is:  
  1. Ask The Car Shipping Company for a free, no obligation quote to ship your car.  Quotes are available via online request, email, and fax.  All quote requests are promptly answered.  Or, simply call us and we will be happy to discuss with you your car shipping needs.

    In order to provide you with the most economical service, The Car Shipping Company offers two quote options.  For customers wishing to obtain a quote for comparitive purposes, we will provide an estimate quote based on industry standards, one dependent on motor carrier availability and subject to slight fluctuation.  An estimate quote prevents the possibility of your automobile not quickly being assigned to a motor carrier once you schedule your automobile transport with The Car Shipping Company.

    For customers whose automobile will be available for transport within seven days of the quote request, we can provide a quote after having requested and received from our professional contract motor carriers written bids to transport your automobile.  From receiving your quote request to providing you with the contract motor carriers’ bids, this process takes less than 48 hours.

    With this second quote option, your automobile will be picked up within days of your scheduling an order with The Car Shipping Company by a motor carrier already in your area and needing to complete a load to your destination – often by agreeing to transport an automobile for a considerably reduced fee.  In addition to saving on the transport fee, having your car loaded last onto a car carrier before it departs for your destination minimizes the time you are without your car – saving you expensive rental car fees!
  2. Choose to allow The Car Shipping Company to arrange your move. Download our Customer Information Sheet, selecting the three consecutive days in which your car will be available for pickup.  (Most of our competitors expect a customer to wait up to 30 days or longer to have their car picked up. Beware!)  Download also our Customer Service Agreement and either fax or email to us the completed forms.  Or, again, simply call us and we will be happy to assist you. 
  3. Make arrangements to remit either a partial or full payment.  For your convenience, we accept Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards, Discover, and American Express as well as electronic check and PayPal payments.

    That’s it!  The Car Shipping Company, with its premium, hands-on customer service will do everything else for you…
  4. The Car Shipping Company will assign your automobile move to one of our contracted, professional motor carriers.  This usually takes no more than two or three days after you place your order.  (If you chose to receive a quote via contract motor carrier bid, your move will have already been assigned to a professional motor carrier.)
  5. The Car Shipping Company will then invite you to participate in a brief, three-way conference telephone call with the professional automobile transporter who will be moving your automobile.  The conference call ensures that the automobile transporter hears directly from you and understands the details of your move, including 
    • the year, make, and model of the car to be transported,
    • the type of transport (open or enclosed),
    • the pickup and delivery locations,
    • any payment due upon delivery of the automobile, and
    • the acceptable method of payment. 
  6. The professional driver who will be transporting your car will call you the day before the first day of your pickup window to discuss picking up your car on one of the three consecutive days that you choose
  7. The driver will call you again the morning of the day of pickup to discuss an estimate pickup time. 
  8. On the day of the pickup, the driver will arrive at your pickup location to inspect your automobile. You will be given a copy of the inspection report.  The driver will load your automobile onto the car carrier and leave, on the way to your delivery location. 
  9. The driver will again call you  

    • two days before your delivery date to provide you an updated delivery schedule,  
    • one day before your delivery date to discuss a time of arrival the following day, and 
    • the morning of your delivery date to again discuss the delivery of your automobile. 
  10. The professional driver will then meet you on the delivery date to collect any payment that may be due and deliver to you your automobile.

From your first contact with our office to the safe, worry-free delivery of your automobile and beyond, The Car Shipping Company stays involved in your transport – and in communication with you via telephone, email, and fax – to ensure that your car shipping experience exceeds your expectations – and that you will again use our service and refer us to anyone and everyone interested in shipping a car!