Arranging the transport of your cars, trucks, vans, trailers, and trailered boats, door to door by truck, from and to all points in the USA, including Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

Extended hours, seven days a week + reachable 24 hours a day via fax and email.

We at The Car Shipping Company know well that interstate automobile transport is not an eight-to-five job.  That is why our customer service department is reachable via telephone most hours of the day, evening, and night, even on the weekends – to provide the outstanding service that you, our customer, deserve.

Are other companies’ promises simply too hard to believe?  Don’t want to pay for service that may take weeks – or longer?  Give us 36 hours!  With our free, no obligation Pending Order service, The Car Shipping Company will assign your car to a professional automobile transporter BEFORE you pay us one cent.  The Car Shipping Company goes the extra mile for you – outstanding service that many of our competitors do not offer!  Contact us today and let us schedule your Pending Order.

The Car Shipping Company has
  • door-to-door service.  The Car Shipping Company’s service is most convenient.  Your car will be picked up from and delivered to the addresses of your choice.
  • experience since 1997, including 7 years and 800,000 miles of hands-on, over-the-road experience transporting automobiles like yours throughout the United States.
  • a network of over 1,500 insured, experienced, professional automobile transporters ready to transport your automobile.
  • a license issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration granting us the privilege of coordinating your automobile transport.
  • no hidden charges.  Ever.  The price that The Car Shipping Company quotes you – in writing – is the price that you pay for our nationwide, premium automobile transport service.
  • insured transports. The transport company moving your car will be responsible for any damage caused by the professional transport driver.
  • the following goals:
    • to listen to the needs of you, our customer.
    • to be available to receive your telephone calls in the day, evening, and night – even on the weekends.
    • to promptly respond to your faxes and emails.
    • to ensure that you receive excellent communication regarding the status of your move.
    • to earn customer loyalty, as defined as a customer who will again use our service and who will recommend our service to others.
  • outstanding customer service that is second to none, and includes
    • toll free telephone and fax service to our office.
    • prompt responses to your emails and faxes.
    • online transport quote requests.
    • online transport scheduling.

At The Car Shipping Company, we know that communication throughout your move is the key to providing you a worry-free transport experience.  From our guaranteed three day pickup window to the quick delivery of your automobile to its destination – and keeping you informed of the status of your move throughout the process – the personal attention we give you eliminates the waiting and the guesswork common with other companies.

Outstanding service.  Always.

The Car Shipping Company Promise
If The Car Shipping Company cannot assign the transport of your automobile to one of our contract motor carriers and have the automobile picked up within seven days of the first day of your pickup window, we will not charge you our coordination fee – and we will STILL help you move your automobile!

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